Where Is My America

Pipes and Pints
Lingua: Inglese

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Fight the Fight!
(Pipes and Pints)

Unitil we die

until we die
Pictures of America
Seem to fade away!
The youth is getting damaged
By todays society!
The hate is like a fireplug
Inside of you and me!
Where is my America
Where's it gone today!

Obscurity and emptiness
We had it all before
Can’t you find something else
Besides the fucking war!
Water ashes in the sky
And people disappear beneath that sky!

Black gold dead gold
Stealing drop by drop!
The senate does not care
Where the bombs are really dropped
A life is born we take it all away
By fucking war and political stupidity!
Brainwashed by the TV everyday
Don't believe in anything they say
Reality is better enemy
Its nothing but propaganda anyway!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Whats it gonna be
Hey! Hey! Hey!
It’s a mad society
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I’m a raging bull

If you wanna say what you think
You got to give everything

You make the changes every other day!
You and me
The fighting man
The working class
Make those changes everyday
You make the changes every other day!

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