Industrial Ashes

Left Ear Blind
Lingua: Inglese

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What Did We Die for ?
(Left Ear Blind)

Lyrics & Music by Paddy Mac and CW Crisman


Our anti war sentiment about the war in Iraq. Industrial hard guitar with loops from President Bush's public addresses.
Welcome to my world -of death and destruction,
Welcome to my world -of endless pain,
A gift of the world's blind ambition,
A gift from the world -seems gone insane.

A soldier of peace, went to the East,
He'd never felt their hate before,
A broken mind, -his friends deceased,
His life was changed -for ever more..

{*President Bush's public address's loops*}

Ancient winds, blow through our time,
The ashes from, our bodies burn,
A dark cruel tempest whips our cries,
Blood for oil.. a lesson learned.

He'd never seen their blood before,
He's a shattered soul, with nightmare eyes,
Riding crouched inside his amour,
On the prowl for the Black Gold prize.

{*more of President Bush's public speech loops*}

I think by now, I think you see it,
Generations of blood and war,
No regard for one another,
They know not who, or what for.

There may be sunsets -we can't understand,
Shadows on horizons, He's a walking man,
He's a walking man,
He's a walking man,
He's a walking man,
He's a walking man,
He's a walking man...

{*President Bush: « And Iraq is free! »*}

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