Suicidal War

Lingua: Inglese

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A Man Can Change the World With a Bullet

Lyrics by Robert Craige.
Music by Robert Craige and Maria Rogers.
Album: TBD

"A serious Waltz… Intake of lyrics, music & artwork... Think that sums the song up and a waltz beat! So proud to have collaborated with our family :0)
"Robbie, great lyrics mate, Kev.. The artwork is perfect. Thank you guys, Love yaas".
Every day I wake up bitter - there's a blaring overhead
I fear for every second - my decease is what I dread
I foresee how I will die - each time I close my eyes
Imagination runs wild - to my friends I have to lie..

This is easy so they say - killing the enemy every day
No one see's my pain - as I keep it locked away
This is easy so they say - killing the enemy every day
No one see's my pain - as I keep it locked away..

No longer can I take -this torture in my mind
My sanity I have lost -the bullet I will find
It only takes one shot -to end this pain of mine
It only takes one shot to end this pain of mine..

I'm not as strong as these men - I once assumed I was
The power to fight with honour - features in my prayers
But by no means we're they answered - It's all been left inside
I have to labour on - my beliefs I still must hide

Should I just end it all with this pistol in my hand?
I presume I will go on to a more peaceful land..
Goodbye my loving family I'm sure we'll meet again..
But in this world of suffering is a place I couldn't stay –No more will I delay
No more will I delay..

(spoken words:)
Reports of another 'suicide bombing' just in. At around 8:30 this morning, a young girl though to be about 12 years of age entered a busy suburb wearing a vest packed with explosives, killing herself, a British soldier and 17 civilians. This is the second attack this week in this war torn region. More than 140 car bombings occurred in May, according to a senior U.S. military intelligence official that exceeds the previous record of 135 in April. There were nearly 60 suicide bombings in May, down from 69 in April..

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