Cruel Slavery Days

Fields Ward & His Buck Mountain Band
Lingua: Inglese

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Nella raccolta “Early Country Music (Vol. 1)” edita dalla Historical di Arnold S. Caplin negli anni 60.
Testo trovato su Mudcat Café

Fields Ward
On the day that ol' Master died
All the slaves we stood and cried.
Those agonizing cruel slavery days
For they knew we would be sold
for the silver and the gold.
Those agonizing cruel slavery days

Oh, they sold my brother Sam
To a man from Alabam'
My sister went to Georgia far away.
Then they broke my heart for life
when they sold my darlin' wife.
Those agonizing cruel slavery days

In that ol' Virginia State
Where they made us separate.
Those agonizing cruel slavery days
Well they broke the old man's heart
when they said we had to part.
Those agonizing cruel slavery days

When I'm all alone at night
and the fire is burning bright.
And I think of happy days of long ago
When us darkies all would sing
and the banjers they would ring.
Those days could never come to me no more.

When our work on earth is done
and we gather one by one.
In that land where all tears are washed away
There we'll need to part no more
on that beautiful golden shore.
Where there will never be no cruel slavery days.

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