Rob Lincoln
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Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

This one is a true story based on an article I read about a homeless veteran named Jessie Carpenter, who died of exposure just across from the White House in 1990 somewhere around Christmas time... Only played this song one time in public.

Some comments included: "A fine angry, gritty song stripped bare.. I could imagine a little seething electric guitar intermittent or perhaps a dirty harmonica" "Not sure how I feel about this one...Spent a year in Nam myself and lost my best friend during the war in Plieku province. One thing the war taught me was... try your best to keep your children and their children out of it....Both of my children have been spared that in life so far...Who knows what the future will bring...All I know is I didn't have a was go or go to jail. I got very lucky and was assigned to a very safe base camp in Chu Lai...Well relatively speaking safe...we were attacked with mortars and rockets weekly but most of the time they landed near the airbase several miles away. I was in a Swift Boat base in the Navy. I don't think I favor songs that bring back memories of war".
My name is Jesse Carpenter and I fought for freedom
And I went to Korea back in the day..
I killed the enemy to bring us freedom
And it brought me freedom along the way..

When I fought for freedom – I got me a medal
They called me a hero by the way
Still got my bronze star – in my pocket
Won't let nobody take it away

Now they tell me it's a -long road to freedom
But I tell you there's a lot more to freedom along the way..
That's what I say

When I got back – no one would hire me
So I took to drinking -day by day
Got freedom from working -and freedom from feeling
Only pain and anger came my way
My family left me – and I got more freedom
To live along the free streets every day
Freedom from caring – freedom from loving
More and more freedom is my pay..

Now they tell me it's a -long road to freedom
But I tell you there's -a lot more to freedom along the way..
That's what I say.

Sleeping on this park bench – across from the White House
Been my home now every day
I love my freedom –but can't afford no doctor
And I don't feel too good today
It's getting cold now -but I got my freedom
In my coat pocket here to stay..
Got my bronze star – and my bottle of booze
I'll have my freedom to the last day..

Now they tell me it's a.. long road to freedom
But I tell you there's a.. lot more to freedom along the way..
That's what I say.

I killed for freedom – and now I'll die for freedom
Shed no tears for me today
Ask not -what my country has done for me
Or for you - just enjoy the brew
I've got my freedom
And you've got your freedom
Ask not - just enjoy the brew
Enjoy the brew..
Just enjoy the brew.

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