Juggle Tings Proper

Roots Manuva
Lingua: Inglese

(words and music: Rodney Smit)

From the 1999 album: Brand New Second Hand

It's living dead proof
The bane of life in the west
Who's down for civil unrest
in times like these
Comrades is hard to find
The beast keeps da masses towing tha line
With them sneaky tactics they'll keep them wars runnin
So they can have a market for their guns and ammunition
Keep the third world in a stagnant position
Begging for monetary aid from IMF
They don't seem too keen to write off the third world debt
Cos they profit from holding it down

Soon there'll be no dollars no yens no pounds
Just madness microchips and high-tech war
And all because the beast wants to gain control
of each and every mind body spirit and soul
whom wa dis
wa dat
Watch dese enzymes react
As we juggle tings proper man
Look for your self

20/8/2005 - 16:20

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