Civil War

Paddy Schmidt
Lingua: Inglese

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Come on you raging soldiers wherever you may be
I´d have to pay attention please listen unto me
I´ll tell to you a true tale of a soldier bold and brave
An ambush of some enemies dispatched him in his grave

It happened on a friday morn, so listen what they´ve done
They walked upon the mountains the battle´s just began
The colonel cried: "Turn out brave boys your hearts are void of fear!"
They shot him without warning as you shall quickly hear

They buried him quiet decently on a dreary summer´s day
Come all the rest of you my boys for your dead comrade, pray
Too many died for nothing to finish endless strifes
In mem´ry of the millions felt for a better life

Civil war in Central Europe, civil rights are on the run
Destination is destruction, and the war goes on and on

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