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(Anis Hamadeh)

Lyrics by Doc Jazz and Miko
Music by Doc Jazz

This song is dedicated to Basem Abu Rahme, 29 years old, who was non-violently protesting the theft of his village's farmlands and was shot dead by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Read his story here

The song expresses support for the people's struggle against the Israeli Apartheid Wall in Bil'in and Nil'in, on the West Bank in Palestine. People there are waging daily non-violent protests against the confiscation of their lands and their livelihood, while the armed forces of Israel respond with live ammunition and have injured and killed several people in this way.
! أنظر
شعبك بدو فلسطين

من بالعين و من نعلين
لازم إنهض إلجدار
لازم ندعم إلثوار
إلعدو عام يطلق نار
جنود على مدنيين

بنطلع على سطح إلدار
نيرفاع علم إلأحرار
ينداللنا علال مدار
ثوار و فدائيين

وين إلناس إلمهتمين
عددنا بال ملايين
بنحلم بيكي فلسطين
مهما طالت إلسنين

شعبك عندو استعداد
يصمد رغم إلاحتلال
مهما طال إلظلم و زاد
ستيقلآليك على إلبال

من أجلك
يا دير ياسين
و من غزة حتى جنين
مغلى ترابك فلسطين
وردت أمتنا

أهل غزة جبرين
أمهاتنا صامدي
يلنيهآيي منصور
على قوم إلغدار

برغم إلحال وال أحوال
إحنا عندنا استعداد
ناضل ضد إلاحتلال
انحاررير قدس إلأمجاد

inviata da giorgio - 31/1/2010 - 23:03

Lingua: Inglese

English version - الترجمة العربية
Here is the (non-rhyming, and non-literal) English translation - although when you translate something, it's bound to lose some of its luster:

You have to return
Your people wants Palestine

your voices
From Bil'in and from Ni'lin

We have to bring down the wall
We have to support the revolutionaries
The enemy is opening fire
Soldiers against civilians

We climb unto the rooftops
We raise the flag of the free
We will stay around the clock
Revolutionaries and freedom fighters

Where are the people who care?
Our numbers are in the millions
We dream of you oh Palestine
No matter how long the years are

Your people have the readiness
To be steadfast despite the occupation
No matter how long the injustice lasts, and increases
Your independence is on our minds!

For your sake, oh Deir Yasin
And from Gaza to Jenin
Your soil is so precious, Palestine
The rose of our nation

The people of Gaza are so brave
And our mothers so resilient
And in the end they will overcome
The treacherous people

Despite the situation and the circumstances
We have the readiness
To wage resistance against the occupation
And to free Jerusalem, city of the exalted

inviata da giorgio - 31/1/2010 - 23:07

Lingua: Arabo

Il testo traslitterato
Sha3bak beddo Falasteen

Min Bil3een w min Ni3leen

Lazem enhedd el jedaar
Lazem ned3am el thuwwaar
El 3ado 3am yetleq naar
Jnood 3ala madaniyyeen

Bnetla3 3ala sat7 el daar
Bnerfa3 3alam el a7raar
Bendallna 3alal madaar
Thuwwaar w feda2iyyeen

Wein el naas el mehtammeen
3adadna bil malayeen
Bne7lam beeki Falasteen
Mahma taalat el seneen

Sha3bik 3endo este3daad
Yesmod raghm el i7tilaal
Mahma taal el dholm w zaad
Istiqlaalik 3ala el baal

min ajlik
ya deir yasin
w min ghazza
7atta jeneen
maghla traabik falasteen
wardet ummetna

Ahel Ghazza jabbareen
Ummahaatna samideen
Filnehaaye mansooreen
3ala qawm el ghaddaareen

braghm el 7aal wel 2a7waal
E7na 3endna isti3daad
Ennaadel ded el i7tilaal
Lan7arrer quds el amjaad

inviata da DonQuijote82 - 1/12/2012 - 10:25

Per Riccardo e Lorenzo:
Perfetto. Temevo che avessi trascurato qualcosa.. Ho visto che avete sistemato anche qui sopra, ma anche i punti esclamativi vanno a sinistra, come nel testo originale (nonostante in molti standards-compliant browsers appaiono a destra).

Sarebbe bene che anche i poveri non-admins avessero accesso agli stili, Lorenzo.. (se non altro per non incomodare voi :-).

Carissimi saluti!

giorgio - 2/2/2010 - 08:21

Hassan Mousa and Jody McIntyre writing from Nilin, occupied West Bank, Live from Palestine, 18 December 2009.

Situated just west of Ramallah, the Palestinian village of Nilin has lost huge swathes of land to Israel's settlements and its wall in the occupied West Bank. In a year and a half of resisting construction of the wall, five villagers have been murdered by the Israeli military while demonstrating. Hassan Mousa is a coordinator of the Nilin Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements and the uncle of Ahmed Mousa, an 11-year-old boy who was the first villager from Nilin to be killed by the Israeli army.

Hassan Mousa being arrested during a demonstration at the wall.
Human Rights Life under Occupation

4/2/2010 - 20:27

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