Stop the War

John Warner
Lingua: Inglese

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Sull'aria di "Boney was a Warrior". Scritta appositamente per la grande manifestazione contro la guerra di Sydney (23 marzo 2003).
"Stop the war!", the people say
Stop the war,
Stop the war this very day,
Stop the war

Stop your games of super power,
Stop the war this very hour.

For the children of Iraq,
Stop the terror in the dark.

Stop the science that's gone mad,
Stop the bombing of Baghdad.

Show the truth that you disguise,
We see through your managed lies.

Scummy howard, bush and blair,
Who for justice do not care.

This is one immoral war,
So for justice and for law.

Hear the planet's millions cry,
Stop before more millions die.

What price for saddam hussein ?
Wounded children, fear and pain.

More horrors in the middle east,
Instability released.

Stop the war and stop the fear,
Once more so the bastards hear.

One more heave and then belay,
"Stop the war" the people say.

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