Join the Line

Ewan MacColl
Lingua: Inglese

Canzone contro la bomba atomica scritta assieme a Denise Kerr.
The birds they are a-singing, the sun's up in the sky.
We don't want no fusion bomb to blow us all to - halleluiah!
We don't want our bodies scattered all around,
We'd rather go on living with both feet on the ground.

(Chorus): Brother, won't you join in the line?
Brother, won't you join in the line?
If you want to keep on breathing, join us m the line.
Come and save the world, man, you're only just in time.

They say they've got a clean bomb, where the fall-out doesn't fall,
But to me the best bomb is the bomb that isn't there at all!
You ask for decent houses and they give you bombs instead,
A six-foot hole to house you in and a medal when you're dead.

The Government is working. toiling night and day -
Planning your destruction in a scientific way:
They ask for you to trust them and let them have their head,
You'll find you have no problems, but you'll also find you're dead.

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