Fields Of France

Al Stewart
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: "Last Days of the Century"

Fields of France

A song about a World War I pilot.
His flying jacket still has her perfume
Memories of the night
Play across his mind
High above the fields of France
A single biplane in a clear blue sky
1917, no enemy was seen
High above the fields of France
Oh she looks
But there's nothing to see
Still she looks
Saying "Come back for me"
He tells her "Just remember me this way
Here am I more true
Than anything I do
High above the fields of France"
Oh she looks
But he'll never come back
And the letter that came
Was bordered in black
She'll find somebody else
But not forget
Leaving her regrets
Like vapour trails of jets
High above the fields of France
High above the fields of France

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