Guantanamo Bay

Planet Potato
Lingua: Inglese

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Just turned sixteen, a strange captivity
Hooded and shackled in your cage
A Cuban paradise where dignity has died
Stripped of your rights, Geneva don't apply
There's no conviction, there's no trial
Freedom to worship has almost been denied
Don't you wish you'd been on our side?
What would you have done if you had won the war?
Would you have suspended international law?
Would you throw away the key and lock the door?
Top dog is always the one with bone
Victor's justice at Guantanamo

Just six by eight, your private Azkaban
To eat, to sleep, to shit and pray
Just twice a week, a sham called exercise
Calling the spirit, a blur amidst your pain
Begging it please take you away
There's no answer to how long you'll serve your time
If we set you free to reterrorise
And we don't care if you attempt suicide
Top dog is always the one with bone
Victor's justice at Guantanamo.

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