Ain't That Fine

Malvina Reynolds
Lingua: Inglese

Well, they're all out on probation, Ain't that fine,
They'll just have to be more careful the next time,
When you're bombing homes & churches,
Leave your license plates behind,
And they're out on probation, Ain't that fine.

Well, they're all out on probation, Ain't that great,
And they surely do have state's rights in that state.
Cause the Pike County sheriff
Always keeps his bombing date,
And they're all on probation, Ain't that great.

Mr. Watkins, he looked sternly at the nine,
And he sentenced them to jailing and a fine,
But they felt such provaction
At that freedom picket line,
That he put them on probation, Ain't that fine.

Well the leaders of Magnolia bowed their head
When they heard the words that Mr. Watkins said:
Put your dynamite away
Till a week from Saturday,
And you'll have to do with billy clubs instead.

Little girls who go to Sunday school will die,
And the people of the world will wonder why,
But the hoods that hide the bombers
Also hide the F.B.I.,
And the only ones who care are you and I.

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