촛불을 들어라! [Fucking USA!]

Yoon Min-suk / 윤민석
Lingua: Coreano

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작사 : 윤민석 작곡 : 윤민석
가수 : 송앤라이프
Lyrics and Music by Yoon Min-suk
Testo e musica di Yoon Min-suk


"Fucking USA", often called "Fuck'n USA", is a protest song written by South Korean singer and activist Yoon Min-suk. Strongly anti-US Foreign policy and anti-Bush, the song was written in 2002 at a time when, following the Apolo Ohno Olympic controversy and an incident in which two Korean middle school students were killed under the wheels of a U.S. Army vehicle; anti-American sentiment in Korea reached high levels. Musically it is a parody of "Surfin USA" and though it has a vulgar aspect it is not supposed to be, according to Yoon, just an angsty punk type song but a serious critique of the Bush Administration and US foreign policy in particular in the Korean peninsula, just conveyed in an ironic and jokingly vitriolic way.

Later a music video, supposedly created by North Koreans in the South, was broadcast on a South Korean news program, where it was picked up by Rob Pongi and subsequently rebroadcast on the show's website along with Japanese and English subtitles, enabling it to spread worldwide. The version of the song in the video has been remixed and opens with caricatures of U.S. President George W. Bush taunting Koreans, while chants of "부시악" ("Pushi Ak" or "Bush Evil") echo in the background. It displays a slideshow of Korean political cartoons attacking U.S. foreign policy, ending abruptly on the line "Yankee Go Home!", with an animation of the Statue of Liberty exploding. The video has developed a minor cult status in the West, where it has been shown on comedy shows such as Tarrant on TV. - en.wikipedia.
쇼트렉 경기를 보았나 야비한 나라 Fucking U.S.A !!
그렇게 금메달따니까 좋으냐 더러운 나라 Fucking U.S.A !!
이래도 미국이 정의로운 나란가 ??
도대체 왜 우린 할 말도 못하는가 ??
우리가 식민지 나라의 노예인가 ??
이제는 외치리라
비! 겁! 한! 게!
올림픽 금메달 훔쳐간 비열한 도둑놈 Fucking U.S.A !!
힘으로 모든걸 뺏으려 날뛰는 추악한 강도 Fucking U.S.A!!

부시의 망발을 들었나 뻔뻔한 나라 Fucking U.S.A !!
북한의 전쟁,협박, 남한의 내정간섭 깡패의 나라 Fucking U.S.A!!
아직도 미국이 아름다운 나란가!!
아직도 북한이 죽여야할 적인가!!
얼마나 더 당해야 정신을 차릴건가 이제는왜.치.리.라.
양! 키!
미국놈들 통일되면 두고보자 당당한 나라 통일한국--
민족의 힘으로 통일을 하리라 당당한 나라 통일한국--
우리의 피눈물을 똑.똑.히.
기억하라!! 분단의 원표 Fucking USA !!
노금리 학살을 똑.똑.히.
기억하라!! 살인자 나라 Fucking USA !!

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 17/9/2008 - 04:19

Lingua: Inglese

La traduzione inglese proveniente dalla pagina MySpace di Yoon Min-suk
The English translation is reproduced from Yoon Min-suk's MySpace page.

Did you see the short-track skating race?
A vulgar country, Fucking USA
Are you so happy over a gold medal?
A nasty country, Fucking USA
Such as you are, can you claim that the USA is a nation of justice?
Why the hell can't we say what we have to?
Are we slaves of a colonial nation?
Now shout it out: "No to the USA"
A wretched thief that stole our Olympic gold medal, Fucking USA
A wicked robber that tries to rob everything by force, Fucking USA

Did you hear Bush's reckless words?
A shameless country, Fucking USA
It makes war threats to the north as well as intervention into the south
A country of gangsters, Fucking USA
Is the USA still a beautiful country?
Is the north still an "enemy" to be killed?
How much more do we have to endure before we realize?
Now shout it out: "Yankee, go home!"
You dirty Yankees, wait and see
We will reunify the country with the independent force of the Korean nation
We will build a dignified country, a reunified country

Remember well our tears of blood
You, author of Korea's division, Fucking USA
Don't forget the Nogun-ri massacre of civilians!
You murderering country, Fucking USA

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 17/9/2008 - 04:25

Sorry to contradict you, Ric, but the song is not downloadable only in direct way. It's downloadable just like the others whose a music stream appears on a web page. All you need is a very small free program like Free Music Zilla downloadable from
You'll be able to download also videos from Youtube (and similar), music and videos not only from MySpace, but also from Imeem,, Pandora, eSnips, Mog, iJigg,, etc.(most of this kind of sites).
Important you should run the Music Zilla interface "before" you open the music stream. After the download the file should be renamed to its right title instead of its code.

giorgio - 17/9/2008 - 23:57

Angry commie gooks made this crippy song.

` - 14/7/2014 - 15:19

Traduzione dell'anonimo (divertente?) commentino di cui sopra:
"Questa canzone da handicappati l'ha scritta qualche muso giallo comunista incazzato"...

B.B. - 14/7/2014 - 21:24

Gook - che noi traduciamo con muso giallo - è un termine statunitense in slang militare coniato alla fine dell'800 durante la guerra filippino-americana. Originariamente designava le prostitute filippine di basso livello, quelle da truppa, ma poi venne esteso a tutti i nativi. Ma comunque "gooks" erano chiamati anche i nicareguensi durante l'occupazione del Nicaragua (1912), o gli haitiani durante quella di Haiti (1914), niente affatto dei "musi gialli" (però gook può anche significare fango, fanghiglia). Altri maledetti gooks (questa volta inequivocabilmente gialli) vennero combattuti nel Pacifico e infine atomizzati nel 1945... Ma nonostante "Fat Boy" quelli continuavano a spuntare dappertutto: gooks in Corea, gooks in Vietnam... e questi, oltre che dei maledetti gooks, erano pure degli sporchi commies!

Ah, quanto hanno dovuto lottare i nostri gloriosi marines per portare la pace su questa tormentata Terra!

B.B. - 14/7/2014 - 21:48

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