Silent Reign Of Heroes

Molly Hatchet
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Silent Reign of Heroes

Making my way across dixie, eighteen sixty-five
I walked all the and halfway to heaven,
now believe I'm on the other side
Day turns into nightime, nightime's by my side
I look to he sky, I see shining light,
the stars will be my guide

The smell of gunsmoke in the air
Lighting fills the sky
I heard a rebel yell just as loud as hell
You can hear it 'round the world tonight
The silent reign of heroes
Is what brings me here today
What I came to fight for, seems so far away
So far away. Far away

Tell me what's the cost of freedom
Fighting for my life and family name

The devil's laughing long and hard deep in hell tonight
My feet are bleeding right through my shoes
Ground's as cold as ice
Sing no killer angels
Can you hear my cry?
It seems like a sin when nobody wins
and so many had to die

Who is right, and tell me who is wrong
Old boys come down from here to virginia
To sing the battle song
The silent reign of heroes
is what gives me strenght today
Tell me what's the cost of freedom
It's so far away, far away

Fighting for our heritage yeah
It's so far away, far away
When I see my home and family
Then I know I finally paid a debt.

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