Kristin Lems
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Lyrics and music by Kristin Lems

Kristin Lems
Kristin Lems

I wrote this song to help stop our headlong plunge into poisoning the planet.
" original, no backup copy."
K. Lems

E' possibile ascoltare il brano su Cd Baby
I'll tell you a story that happened
in April of 1986
An explosion and subsequent meltdown
Caused damage that never can be fixed
A nuclear reactor at Chernobyl
Like so many others round the globe
Did what experts say cannot happen
And like a bomb did explode

Chernobyl, I vow I will
Use all my power to prevent the hour
That our earth shall live no more
From nuclear accident or war

For some, it's a day to talk of heroes
Those brave souls that put the fire out
But let's not forget the well placed cowards
Who continue to bring these things about

As horror hit the evening newscreen
And the scope of destruction became clear
The nuclear lobby voiced its new theme
That "the only problem is our fear,"

The poison extends through the foodchain
And death extends through the years
It comes with the wind and the light rain
It knows no borders or frontiers

We cannot change what has happened
We cannot erase what has passed
But one thing's for sure, if this planet will endure
This accident has got to be our last
Make nuclear power something of the past!

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