Saul Blease
Lingua: Inglese

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1916 was written about the Battle of the Somme which was fought between 1st July and 18th November 1916 and was the largest battle of the Great War fought on the Western Front. More than one million men were killed or wounded during the battle, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history…
Bird song breaks
the silent night
Over the top
when it turns light

under our feet
Over the top
the Devil to meet

Seven thirty
the whistle blows
Over the top
the order goes

Grab the ladder
take a breath
Over the top
into the jaws of death…

Forward lads, screams of pain
shrapnel blast, soaked in red rain

Rifle shots, machine gun fire
here we are, caught on the wire

Taking cover, stuck in the mud
lying here, in piss and blood

Mustard gas, men choking guts
more shells fall, we’re outta luck

Did an angel float above us?
Couldn’t see through shot and shell
As the world tears up around us
Why would an angel visit hell?

Death and screams, all around
end of dreams, more men go down

Devils chariot, a metal beast
technology for, the battle feast

Green fields, they lie beyond
a promise now, that’s all gone

From High Wood, to the Danger Tree
this is the world, that’s left for me…

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