No Impediment to Triumph

Napalm Death
Lingua: Inglese

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Converge / Napalm Death Converge / Napalm Death (2012, Yellow Fluorescent, Vinyl)
Just reeks of squalid victory
It drifts downwind does this squalid camaraderie
Play to the gallery with wooly humanity

As valued above - well above the valueless
Pumped up, trumped up, shrugged off

No impediment to triumph

Rings burned into the retina, transfixed
Back handed unity
Bhopal gags on the reverie

As valued above - well above the valueless
So easily slipped are shackles of culpability

No impediment to triumph

Brandish the torch that shows no light
On the wretched and malformed
At pains to sustain
But the only thing sustained
Is free rein for a mass poisoner

A triumph? No

19/11/2021 - 03:49

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