County Jail

J Stone
Lingua: Inglese

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My bro got that deal
Now here come my case
Like here got those racial riots
Like here come that mace
Like here go those bunk beds
Like there go them gates
No matter where I'm at
I'll never lose my faith
Walked inside a Blood dorm
They asked me where I'm from ("Aye, where you from nigga")
I told them NaybahoodCrip
Pushing back them bunks
So I can catch my head up
I'm back here squabbling Dimus before I made my bed up

In the county jail
This is where it goes down
So I'm left without a choice but stay 10 toes down
Then I hit the State
Now this word to my rivals
I paroled form the Pen with more verse than a Bible

They finally let me out
I'm back up on these streets
I ain't seen the streets in years
Now I'm fresh up on the scene
Nip picked me up
He had a pound of weed
Like "We can go wherever bro, you know it's all on me"
We could've jumped on a flight
We could've fucked with some hoes
But I just want to rap bro
Let's hit the studio
Turn up that mic
Let them hoes come later
We're going back to back
Doing songs, getting greater
Let's all get right
Hustle told you I'm a beast
I passed niggas up that had been out longer than me
From the County Jail, to the Pen, to the streets
I'm a stay loyal nigga
That's one thing 'bout me
Nobody in this game can say they don't know 'bout me
They sent me upstate
Man, that's word to my rivals
I paroled from the Pen with more verses than a Bible

31/7/2021 - 05:37

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