Bread and Roses Revisited

Crimson Spectre
Lingua: Inglese

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Crimson Spectre
I'm so tired of screaming songs
About things that destroy our lives
I want to scream about Rachel Corrie's courage
And no compromise
And the steadfast determination to reclaim our lives
I want to scream about my friend Lenny
Taking his dignity everyday to work
They traded him asbestosis for retirement
I want to scream about Urbano
He didn't die in vain
Not in my home state
'cos dignity and bread for immigrant farmworkers
Just can't wait
They will not fucking win
We propel this history
We're sick to death of their misery
They will not fucking win
"Small art and love and beauty
Our drudging spirits knew'
Yes, it's bread we fight for
But we fight for roses, too"

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