I Dreamed I Saw Anne Feeney

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Anne Feeney

An old friend of mine and Anne's suggested I do another rewrite of Earl Robeson's song about Joe Hill. I began with carrying out Robert's songwriting assignment, but then it turned into this. I miss you, Anne.
I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney, it was on a picket line
Somewhere in the world where the workers did combine
Cheering on the strikers with a guitar in her hand
From Oregon to Ireland

I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney amid the foggy glow
Of the flash-bang grenades outside the WTO
Singing songs against the war at a military fort
Or making arguments in court

I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney in the Texas hills
Singing songs around a torch at Kerrville
Crossing every bridge she could with the wheels of a car
With some CDs in the trunk along with a guitar

I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney, I dreamed she never fell
She was in Baja with her grandkids, doing swell
Sharing free advice on how to find the cheapest flights
So you can be throwing Swedish snowballs beneath the northern lights

I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney get her first dose of vaccine
Instead of reading of the people who died of Covid-19
In the New York Times, nice things that they said
But I so much wish we could have Anne still here instead

I dreamed I saw Anne Feeney

13/2/2021 - 19:53

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