The Exile

Jack Warshaw
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & music by Jack Warshaw
Album: Misfits Migrants and Murders
Album Cover
• Jack Warshaw, vocal and banjo;
• Ben Paley, fiddle;

“A somewhat personal reflection, and story of many thousands of my generation who were exiled for their opposition to the Vietnam War..”
Farewell to my friends, farewell to my family
Across the deep ocean, a stranger I’m bound
Don’t know what I’ll find there, how long I’ll be gone
Or if some day I’ll see you when I’m back again.

My parents are gone, my friends are all scattered
No place in this country to call my home
A new country calls me, adventure awaits me
Maybe a new love to call me her own.

But war knows no border, they come to conscript me
Resolved to resist them, I follow my code
I join with the angry, I join with the gentle
Who march to the ending of this long troubled road.

There’s many in struggle, there’s many hearts broken
There’s many lives taken, but still we march on
There’s many alike me, far over the water
Working for good times when troubles are gone.

The bombing is ended, the guns fallen silent
My country’s divided, but peace is restored
And to my delight I find my true lover
And welcome a new life with one I adore.

But still there’s great dangers- our children must answer
Terror and hunger, and life upon Earth
Yet each day that dawns brings new hope and wonder
Dreaming of freedom, and a time of rebirth.

So now my song’s ended, I bid you good fortune
Sometimes a road ends in the place it begun
And if I may offer this compass to guide you
To see where you’re goin’- look back where you’re from.

So take up your place, march on with the many
The times they may change but the prize is the same
Freedom, good friendship and love never ending
No power in creation can put out the flame.

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