Climate Emergency

Massive Attack
Lingua: Inglese

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dal nuovo EP Eutopia, pubblicato nel luglio 2020
Christiana Figueres & Algiers


Qualcuno ha ironizzato dicendo che le protest songs sono passate da "Fuck the System" a una tesi di laurea sui cambiamenti climatici, che sposa anche fin troppo le tesi istituzionali di FAO, WHO e compagnia bella. Comunque sia i Massive Attack sono tornati dopo dieci anni, e lasciamo a voi giudicare i risultati.
Before the COVID-19 crisis crashed into our world, governments were already facing the convergence of the climate crisis, the inequality crisis and the oil price crisis. Now, the fourth. The global health crisis has not only converged on us as well but has accelerated the impacts of the previous crises, deepening economic disorder and accentuating social suffering. In emerging from this, everyone can play their part, individually and collectively. The future we choose should be one of resilience, starting with aligning the food system to the four principles set out by the F.A.O: availability, access, utilization and stability. Energy is another sector that must be transformed. Well before COVID-19, fossil fuels were already showing signs of irreversible decline. They will recover somewhat from the historically low prices, but they will not recover their previous place as the engine of growth and development. We now know that their use is polluting our lungs and loading our atmosphere, both at life threatening levels. Financing the transition to a clean, healthy economy requires that businesses, investors, and citizens each play their part alongside governments. Governments can be excellent first movers and their development finance institutions often are. There has never been a more critical role for them than now. The social fabric of our world, the health of democracies and the well being of people can either be destroyed or made stronger by a crisis such as the one we are living. We need to choose this crisis as the moment to anchor ourselves back into the reason humans live in collectives. We are stronger and more resilient together. We will need this solidarity to face what's ahead. Rise to the crises and thrive beyond them. It's a unique privilege that our generation can forge a healthy, bustling future through our actions today. The future we choose is in the hands of each of us alive right now

26/7/2020 - 00:31

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