Unnamed (the Donald Trump Song)

Peggy Seeger
Lingua: Inglese

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Peggy Seeger

This song has not been published, and so is unnamed. Seeger sang it on a "Peggy at 5 on Sunday" live stream on her Youtube Channel May 10th 2020. It was made to existing tune and format - a British children's scatalogical song.

"It's about a person we'd all like to forget about, but it's rather difficult" Seeger says of the song in the live stream.
Donald's in the white house with his bunch of tricks
Donald's in the white house with his bunch of
Pretty dire whealer- dealers at his beck call
To think that they are dangerous is just a lot of
Boulderdash and nonsense

What Donald doesn't want
Is getting buddy buddy with every friggin' country
That is muslim, or just down on it's luck
If anyone gets in his way he'll tell them all to
F...unny how we thought that he was going to loose
But now he's in the white house, it's clear he's going to
Screw the people, screw the climate, screw theĀ  Earth and then
Make the world a safer place for Yankee business men

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