Little Boy in the Grass

Lingua: Inglese

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dall'EP di debutto di AURORA, Running With the Wolves del 2015
Running With The Wolves EP

Una canzone per le vittime del massacro di Utøya. Un amico di Aurora è stato ucciso a Utøya dal nazista Anders Breivik.

This song is for the victims of the Utøya massacre in 2011 and someone important for AURORA that died that day.


"Today is the day. 22nd of July. It's been 4 years since you left us. Since all of you left us. how time flies, we even find ourselves forgetting for a moment, nearly moving on.. Not because we forget you, but because we remember to live. But know that I will always remember you, and everyone that went down with you. I will think of love, and send love to those who needs it this today. I hope no one is crying alone. Rest in peace my friend. You are free now." - AURORA
I will tell you the story
About the little boy I found in the grass
Tired soul as he told me
He could hear the children wanting to pass

Sounds of laughter in the air
Still today we hear them

Finally we are over it all
Finally we are over, over it all

(Let them run)

Let them run from the violence
The world is way too cold and bright for their eyes
Little boy runs beside them
As they take his hand and jump to the sky

Still today you hear him

Finally I am over, over it all
Finally I am over, over it all

When will my healing come?
When will my healing come?
Alone, sinking like a stone
When will my healing come?

Finally I am over it all
Finally I am over it all

Finally I am

11/5/2020 - 17:52

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