Icky Thump

White Stripes
Lingua: Inglese

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Storia di Amì
(1A e 1D dell’ICS Dante Alighieri di Roma)
Where Can a Miner Go?
(Bill Adair)
The Big Three Killed My Baby
(White Stripes)

Icky Thump
Icky Thump


Non so, vedete un po' voi... il testo è alquanto delirante ma ha un passaggio fondamentale che porta questo pezzo - bellissimo, a mio avviso - dritto dritto nel percorso "Immigrazione/Emigrazione":

[...] White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out
You're an immigrant too! [...]

Non per nulla il videoclip del brano - sottotitolato in spagnolo - si chiude su di una barra che demarca un confine e un cartello che recita "The great wall of Mexico. Under construction"...
Icky Thump
Whoda Thunk?
Sitting on a Train to Mexico?

Ah Well
Whatta Chump.
Well My Head Gotta Bump
When I Hit On The Radio

RedHead Senorita
Looking Dead
Came and Said,
“Need a Bed?”
En Espanol

I Said, “Gimme a Drink a Water
I’m Gonna ‘Sing Around the Collar’
And I Don’t Need a Microphone”

Icky Thump
With a Lump In My Throat
Grabbed My Coat
And I Was Freaking
I Was Ready To Go!

And I Swear
Besides The Hair
She Had;
One White Eye
And One Black Stare

Lookin’ Up Lyin’ There.
On The Stand
Near Her Hand Was A Candy Cane.
Black Rum, Sugar Cane,
Dry Ice and Something Strange.
La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La

White Americans, What?
Nothing Better To Do?
Why Don’t You Kick Yourself Out
You’re An Immigrant Too

Who’s Using Who?
What Should We Do?
Well, You Can’t Be A Pimp And
A Protitute Too.

Icky Thump
Handcuffed To A Bunk
Robbed Blind
Looked Around
And There Was Nobody Else

Left Alone
I Hit Myself With A Stone
Went Home And Learned How
To Clean Up After Myself.

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