Healing Hands

Doc Jazz
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Lyrics & Music by Doc Jazz
healing hands

If you have been following the activities of Doc Jazz, you probably know that he has been invited by the Southern California chapter of PCRF (Palestinian Children's Relief Fund) to perform on their annual Healing Hands Gala.

This gala, which helped in raising funds for medical assistance to Palestinian children through PCRF, took place on October 13th 2012 in Anaheim, California.

Honored by the invitation, and inspired by the heart-warming humanitarian and medical activities of PCRF, Doc Jazz – who happens to be a surgeon himself, as you probably know – composed a song that pays homage to the Healing Hands that cure Palestinian children who are unable to obtain treatment for their ailments..
You don't need a gun to be a hero
all you need to have is a heart
Reaching out to a child in Gaza's ground zero
is all it takes to set you apart

Born in the misery of a refugee camp
without access to his medical needs
But the heroes move in with their scalpels and clamps
and brighten his life with their surgical deeds

Healing hands
are always in demand

When racist occupation maims the children of a nation
Somebody's gotta make a stand
Make a difference today, you can brighten their day
Send in the Healing Hands

Just look at that desperate situation
Imagine if the child was yours
Living in need of an urgent operation
But barred from access to the necessary cures

Praise to the people who go out of their way
To put a smile on a mother's face
Wanna do the right thing, you can help them to bring
Some relief to the children in these difficult days

Gotta send in the Healing Hands
Send in the Healing

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