Song for Victor Jara

Marty Willson-Piper
Lingua: Inglese


Song For Victor Jara was written out of despair for the plight of this man, who was tortured and killed by the fascists in Pinochet’s military coup that overthrew and murdered Salvador Allende, the left wing elected president of Chile in 1973. It has become to be known as the other September 11th. I was asked to perform this song on the 25th anniversary of the coup in front of an audience of Chileans at Marrickville town hall in Sydney. I had the song translated into Spanish and read it aloud before performing the song in English. Everyone in the audience knew who Victor Jara was, it was a powerful moment for me. On a trip to Chile a few years ago, I visited his grave in Santiago.
If these walls could speak
Of the things that you done
Behind metal doors
The beast you’ve become

With your pliers and chains
And a gun in your hand
But I’d rather die
Than to kneel in the sand

Hear my song, sing along
Hear my song

Will condemn you I know
For my blood is wine
Though my agony’s slow

Every scar
That you tear in my face
Is a river of life
For the whole human race

Hear my song, sing along
Hear my song

Hail the light
Hail the kiss of your fist
I am laughing/crying out loud
As you’re breaking my wrist

You will live in fear
Because there’s thousands like me
Dare you see me die
With my dignity

Hear my song, sing along
Hear my song, sing along
Hear my song

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