Have Another

Lingua: Inglese

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Aus Rotten
Another homeless baby
Another crack addition
Another fat-assed politician forcing his restrictions
Another child is molested
Another girl is raped
Another prevert finds a way to help humiliate
Another rich man lobbies
Another man's oppression
Another asshole president denying the recession
Have another look at war
Kill another, who wants more?
How many more will have to die
Will we ever rectify
Another man goes hungry
Another bomb is produced
Another thousand die from aids while funding has been reduced
Another gun is fired
Another grave is filled
Another cop is promoted for the 'low-life' he has killed
Another cry unanswered
Another wasted city
Another dying soldier, 'oh, gee, ain't that a pity'
Have another taste of death
Chemical warfare, hold your breath
Have some children, have a horde
Another leader is getting bored
Another hidden interest
Another casualty
Another cry for bloodshed
A lot more apathy
Another cell to hold us
Another war draws near
The sheep are all together and have to lie in fear
Have another world wide war
Million dead, there's plently more
Armageddon, this is it
A billion people blown to shit

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