The Miner's Widows Lament

Bill Adair
Lingua: Inglese

Along The Miners' Rows
miner's row

“(Along The Miners' Rows) summon(s) up and celebrate(s) the rich cultural history of central Scotland’s now-vanished mining communities”
The Herald
The life has been torn out from me,
My heart is breaking.
My children’s father sacrificed,
My soul is screaming.
The joy that once surrounded me
Has left me now, I’m mourning.
I am the miner’s widow
Bereft and just surviving.

Today a wounded sun arose,
Its rays were bleeding.
The coal dust thick upon the grass
To shroud the dying.
In widow’s garb, black as the coal,
I join the grieving.
The silence round the pithead gate,
A stark lamenting.

Last night I heard my sisters cry,
A bleak petition.
Too late to save those buried there,
No late salvation.
I think on yesterdays long past
When they were many.
I fear that soon will come the day
There are not any.

I am the miner’s widow
And this my hymn of sorrow.
All life inside of me has died,
I face a cruel tomorrow.
To end it all, life’s final call,
Would take me from this slaughter.
But from the grave I could not aid
Or guard my sons and daughters.

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