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All Your Friends
Bang Bang
(Green Day)

Album Everyday Life

The opener for the second part of the album, Sunset (غروب), starts with “Guns”, a track that criticizes American’s love for guns and how people have been led to believe that gun violence is fixed with arming everyone instead of regulating guns themselves. The track continues to project the theme of the album with a message of peace by highlighting the problem the United States has with the second amendment and the growing mass-shootings in the country.



L'apertura della seconda parte dell'album, intitolata Tramonto (غروب), è affidata a "Guns", un pezzo critico dell'amore statunitense per le armi e su come la gente sia stata portata a credere che la violenza da armi da fuoco possa essere risolta armando tutti invece che regolando il mercato delle armi.
Take it from the playgrounds and take it from the bums
Take it from the hospitals and squeeze it from the slums
All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs
Advertise a revolution, arm it when it comes
We're cooking up the zeros, we've been doing all the sums
The judgment of this court is we need more guns


Everything's gone so crazy
Everything tangled in blue
Everyone's gone fucking crazy
Maybe I'm crazy too

Meltdown all the trumpets, all the trombones and the drums
Who needs education or A Thousand Splendid Suns?
Poor is good for business, cut the forests, they're so dumb
Only save your look-alikes and fuck the other ones
It's the opinion of this board that we need more guns


Everything's gone so crazy
Everybody but you
Everything's gone fucking crazy
Maybe I'm crazy too

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