Heysel Stadium

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"Sportchestra! ‎– 101 Songs About Sport".
lyrics by Boff Whalley

Sportchestra! ‎– 101 Songs About Sport
Il 29 maggio 1985, prima della finale di Coppa dei Campioni tra Liverpool e Juventus allo stadio Heysel di Bruxelles, a causa di scontri tra la tifoseria inglese e quella italiana, ci fu il crollo di un muro che causò 39 morti e 600 feriti, tra persone schiacciate, calpestate dalla
folla e uccise nella corsa verso una via d'uscita.
Nonostante la tragedia, la partita si giocò lo stesso: "The Show must go on"

Heysel stadium, it's easy to remember
How the game continued despite the disaster
"with all those millions of viewers, we've got to carry on
It would be financial suicide to stop at this point."
And there's a ready-made scapegoat, ready to blame
Hooligans fighting, ruining the game

Ignoring the bad planning and cramming-in of fans
Right next to each other in crumbling stands
Putting money before safety caused those deaths
Whilst greedy bosses in their boxes shout and turn red
"get those bodies back the full ten yards!
They're covering up the advertising boards!"

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