10 Commandments

The Specials
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Encore
Featuring Saffiyah Khan

Saffiyah Khan / The Specials

Saffiyah Khan è la ragazza diventata famosa per la foto in cui sorride beffardamente in faccia al leader razzista della English Defense League durante una manifestazione di estrema destra.

10 Commandments

È stata scelta dagli Specials per questo rifacimento in chiave femminista di una vecchia canzone di Prince Buster il cui testo sessista e maschilista - anche se ironico - aveva proprio bisogno di essere riscritto.
The commandments of I, Saffiyah Khan
Thou shall not listen to Prince Buster [1]
Or any other man offering kindly advice
In matters of my own conduct
You may call me a feminazi or a femoid
And then see if I give a stinking shit

Pseudo-intellectuals on the internet
They tell me I'm unhappy because I'm not feminine
Failing to consider that I may be unhappy
Because it's 3 AM and I'm in the depths of YouTube
Watching them whining

Thou may catcall me on the street
But thou should take note that I'll catcall you right back
To tell you that you look pretty sexy too in your joggers
Or your suit, or your new-found look of confusion

Girls should not turn on each other
Or use man-made ideals like paths
Don't you realize that you're only making a fool of yourself
When you ask, "Why don't you wear makeup?"
Is that what it takes to impress a bloke
Whose brain is made up of promises of curvy size zeros
And anti-gravity tits?

Thou shall not tell a girl she deserved it
Because her skirt was too short
She walked home, streets lights illuminating her as a target
But she started it, because she looked at him
And he finished it 'cause he wanted to
And they'll bring out her skirt as Exhibit A before the judge

And she should have the right to say
"Thou shall not tell me what to wear
Nor how to wear it"

I shall not be the icing on your cake
And I shall not be the candy on your arm
But I shall be seen
And I will be heard
The commandments of I, Saffiyah Khan
[1] Riferimento alla canzone Ten Commandments of Man di Prince Buster canzone sessista, anche se ironica, sui 10 comandamenti di come una donna dovrebbe trattare l'uomo.

24/2/2019 - 15:18

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