Free Mandela

Yami Bolo
Lingua: Inglese

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Single - 1986
Yami Bolo
Oh give thanks and praise
To King Jahovia
He is our lord
And our saviour

People pray to him
Down inna South Africa
Where we heard of the true leada'
Them call him Mandela

We seh free
Free Mandela
Free Mandela

I-man is a lickle youth
I'm a singer
I was born and grow
Down in Jamaica

When I first 'eard
The news 'bout Mandela
Held him in a camp down
Down in Equatoria
Down inna Africa

So free, free Mandela
Free Mandela

But a-who will deal with fuss
And who will deal with fight?
Let's come together
Let us all unite

But I back yuh if you fuss
And I back yuh if you fight
I-man Yammie come to ram it up tonight

So I say, so I say
Free, free mandela
Free, free mandela

I heard Mandela
Was a South African black leader
I also heard that Mandela
Was a jolly good fella

Took the music seriously
And become an entertainer
'Nuff respect to [?]

So I say, I say
Free, free Mandela
Free Nelson Mandela

Who will deal with fuss
And who will deal with fight?
The cake is 'ere, now it's time to take a bite
It will make you feel all right

Free, free Mandela
Hey now
Free, free Mandela

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