Guantanamo Bay

Slon in Sadež
Lingua: Inglese

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Da/From: "Slon in sadez"

Slon in Sadež
They captured me in the mountains
the mountains of Tora-bora
even all mighty Allah,
couldn't help me anymooora.

And we then took a trip
in an american shiiip

at Guantanamo bay
captured by CIA
In Guantanamo bay
they locked us away

I am sitting in prison
but with a happy emotion
yes i am charged for a treason
but i have the view of the ocean

While i am eating a whinnies
i am looking at girls in bikinis

A big guys from the army
they beat me severely
they asked where is osama
but i don't know even nearly
between Bush and the Fidel
I am stuck in the middle

We are not prisoners of war,
because then they couldn't beat us anymore
i'd gladly stay here until my pension
if they respected the Geneva convention.

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