A Soldier's Diary

The Stranglers
Lingua: Inglese

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The fastest song the band has ever recorded. I wanted to cram in as many chord changes as we could and still keep the whole thing rocketing alone. It was inspired by reading about some of the notes, letters and diaries that were found in the allied trenches during the First World War, left by soldiers about to go over the top, never to be seen, and in many cases never to be found, again. I thought it was stirring stuff, heart breaking, poignant, and in the case of many a British Tommy, blackly amusing…never say fucking die…sometimes all there is left is to laugh…

Counterpointing dark subject matter again with a jolly upbeat tune and melody seemed to be key here, and we rattled this off in no time once we’d worked it through. It’s not easy playing as fast as this and keeping it tight, and we’ve been playing it live recently too…a first… As an aside, this was the song I mentioned earlier that Paul hadn’t learned before coming in to sing…ironic in that he singled it out in a demo playing session we’d had months earlier as a real contender and couldn’t wait to get his teeth into it…another sign I suppose of how disenchanted he’d become…
I guess it's time to go
I won't be leaving though
Not just yet...
I need some time to think!

Tryin' to read the signs
And go between the lines
With no luck...
Don't really give a fuck!

I can't feel my legs!
I can feel the blood
It's rushin' to my head!

I'll take a good deep breath
'Cause I'll be cheatin' death
Here today...
Hope it all goes my way!

I can't feel my legs!
I can feel the blood
It's rushin' to my head!

I can't feel my legs! (can't feel my legs)
I can feel the blood (the blood, it's rushin')
It's rushin' to my head!

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