The Point of Agony

Broken Bones
Lingua: Inglese

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(Broken Bones)

Album Bonecrusher (1986)

USSR and USA, they fight their wars from far away
So why must we control our hate
When this whole world's in a massive state
It hurts so bad this way of life
In pain, in war, in love, in strife
Revival or relapse, which is the key
To break Britain out of its' agony
SS20 and SS5, they will burn us all alive
If it's not tomorrow, it'll be today
And we just don't know how far away
So, don't tell us what we already know
We're so confused, who's friend or foe?
Exposure to all the hate and lies
Be what you want to be, don't close your eyes

11/3/2018 - 15:58

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