Danger Danger

Janis Ian
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Janis Ian
Nell’album “Folk Is The New Black”

Folk Is The New Black
You got Ma Rainey talkin' 'bout a jelly roll
Chuck Berry workin' on a mojo
Bessie Smith singin' Bull Dagger Blues
Elvis twiching on the evening news

Danger, danger, can't you see
that sex should stay a mystery
so ban that music, yessirree
That's what America means to me

We gonna ban Walt Whitman, and Jean Cocteau
All the queers will have to go
Mr. Tennessee Williams, Plato too
You got to give J. Edgar Hoover his due

Danger, danger, can't you see
They're in your local library
so ban those authors, yessirree
That's what America means to me, yeah

We gonna ban all the dagos, the wops and the kikes
Gonna ban all the chinks and the towelhead types
Ban all the wetbacks, ban all the fags (*)
Wrap it up tight in the American flag

Danger, danger, can't you see
it's dangerous when they are free
so ban those lazy refugees
That's what America means to me

I watched the news last night at nine
Saw a head blown off somebody's spine
The women moaned and the children screamed
Doesn't anybody else think that's obscene?

It ought to be a felony
to practice such stupidity
but it's my right, as you can see
That's what America means to me, yeah
(*) Nomignoli spregiativi in slang: dagos (gli italiani), wops (discendenti di italiani, per guappo), kikes (gli ebrei immigrati dall’Europa), chinks (i cinesi), towelhead (di persona che porta turbante o copricapo, come i sikh e molti arabi e musulmani), wetbacks (gli immigrati illegali dall’America Latina, per via del fatto che hanno dovuto attraversare il Rio Grande), fags (froci, omosessuali).

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