War Is Coming (if You Want It)

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Happy Xmas (War is Over)
(John Lennon)


War is coming

Il titolo è ovviamente un riferimento a Happy Xmas (War is Over) di John Lennon, Una canzone sull'indifferenza alle atrocità e alla guerra. La band, alquanto famosa nel circuito underground, ha commentato la canzone solo con le parole "Una canzone su non ammazzare la gente".

In an interview on Beats 1, Will Toledo said the song was inspired by a dream, as described in the first verse. It’s meant to counter the thought that suicide might be the best option for some people; according to Toledo, such an opinion is tantamount to murder. Written in February of 2017, the song was also influenced by the political climate in the United States following the election of Donald Trump as president.

The songs Bandcamp page states simply, “This is a song about not murdering people.”

Last night I dreamed that you'd murdered some kids
Gone up towards the border where the freaks live
I couldn't tolerate it, yet somehow I did
If it had been on TV I would've changed the channel
And afterwards I lay awake for quite some time
And thought about opinions I'd kept
At five in the morning I couldn't tolerate it
How many had died while I slept?

Now is the time to cast Darwin aside
Stop spinning lines that justify the lure of suicide
And reach out your hands
And save someone's life
Because war is coming
If you want it

She's keeping quiet in a season of crime
Walking away as if nothing had changed
From that awful display
People are strange
If they keep on laughing
Nothing will change

Now is the time to cast the screenplay aside
And try to create some space between the lines
To lift up your voice
And change someone's mind
Because war is coming
If you want it

11/10/2017 - 22:49

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