Us Mob
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Lyrics and music by Peter Butler and Wally McArthur

Wrong Side Of The Road is a ground breaking 1981 Australian film, road movie, rock documentary, musical drama, it followed 2 days of life on the road for two Aboriginal rock/reggae bands which were largely unknown to mainstream Australia: No Fixed Address e Us Mob.
Its a great film it tackled the taboo subject of racism in Australia head on, a topic which one would say still is pretty taboo.
Each band gets a side each on the album, No fixed address later released their groundbreaking Ep "From My Eyes"

They promise us this,
and they promise us that.
But all we ever get is a stab in the back.
They tell us what to do and they push us around,
And then they have the gall to push us around.

When are they going to learn, when will they stop?
When are they going to learn to stop this genocide?

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