Megs And All

Dave Lippman
Lingua: Inglese

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Original Tune: Pegs and Awl

Dave Lippman nei panni di George Shrub, l'unico cantante agente della CIA.
Dave Lippman nei panni di George Shrub, l'unico cantante agente della CIA.
In 1951 I'd just begun
In 1951 I'd just begun
Korean War was underway
We had a brand new Chevrolet
We were livin' the American Way in 51

In 1955 came civil rights
In 1955, civil rights
There was much to overcome
Ku Klux terror and the gun
Who knew what was to come in 55

In 1963 in Washington
We marched to show that freedom could be won
There were freedom songs to sing
And there was Martin Luther King
In 1963 in Washington

In 1968 we came undone
Revolutions were put down with club and gun
There was blood and there was bombs
Not a nation could be calmed
In 1968 we came undone

In 1969 we walked the moon
On earth a man still called his neighbor coon
Some were happy, some did say
It was mankind's greatest day
In 1969 we walked the moon

And then the freedom leaders were all gone
Government officials said be calm
With the killers still in charge
And Nixon still at large
So many freedom leaders gone

The eighties were the fifties upside down
Plutocrats and colonels gaining ground
When we hit 1984
It was like the book, maybe more
Oh, the eighties were dark days all around

Then they invented a new machine, mouse and all
They invented a new machine, megs and all
It's a global clarion call
Gathers data on us all
It's a high tech shopping mall, mouse and all

One superpower now bestrides the world
Banners of resistance are unfurled
For these people and this earth
A new millennium's in birth
And we will not live in a world of greed
We will not stoop except to plant another seed

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