Talking Cabinet Blues

Dave Lippman
Lingua: Inglese

The World's Only Known Singing C.I.A. Agent

Singing CIA Agent George Shrub and satirist Dave Lippman have terrified and delighted, according to their respective styles, audiences from the George Bush era to the era of George Bush. Lippman has bad thoughts about Wal-Mart and Shrub has bad thoughts about thought. Shrub governs from the gut; Lippman's response is gut-busting.

George Shrub has been traveling throughout his globalized domain, sharing his Point of View (the Right One) so that people won't need their own. He employs anti-folk songs and interventionary anthems to explain (and enforce) that the business of America is none of your business, that unions are never civil, and that the proper place for himself, like Wal-Mart, is everywhere.

Lippman , meanwhile, has been trying to keep up with his shadow, Shrub, touring closely behind him. He continues to afflict the complacent, occasionally rhyming in the process. Dave has been known to take the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distort history, and rewrite the classics with parody and thrust.
Mr. Lippman is the founder of the International Federation of Investigative Songwriters, which no one has joined. He remains one of America's foremost non-corporate comedians.
Hello friends, I'm George Shrubya
Representin' King George Dubya
He's got a mandate, he's feelin' his oats
He won the election by a hundred votes
OK.....he only won the electoral college
Well, at least he finally did well in college

Ashcroft, we've got Ashcroft
We're a modern stone age family

Well here's our new attorney general
He's a fine upstanding fellow
Loves Jeff Davis and Pat Robertson
Against birth control and control of guns
Hates hate crime....laws
Supports freedom of religion...especially in ...the schools

Our new Master of State, Mr. Powell
Made Saddam throw in the towel
Which he also used to cover up
Gulf War Syndrome - what's that? Shut up!
He's a long-timer....Hushed up My Lai....Iran-Contra
... He ran contras ...war hero!

National security is always nice
When it's guarded by Condoleezza Rice
Served on the board of Chevron Oil
Bringin' Africa to a boil
She's got a oil tanker...named after her...
You'll feel nationally secure...
Unless you're African

For interior secretary, Dubya went a courtin'
Came up with good ol' Gale Norton
Supports property rights and states rights
And for the environment...last rites
Worked for Mountain States Legal Foundation, funded by Coors,
Founded by James much energy does it take to destroy
The entire environment?
Not a lot - just one Watt

Labor's always tryin' to take our share
Now they've got Ms. Chao which is only fair
She'll get unions to disclose their aims
In other words get out of the game
It's hypocritical to be political
Leave politics to the politicians, and them what owns 'em

Spencer Abraham heads the Department of Energy
Which according to him is unnecessary
He's against increased fuel efficiency
Americans use five times as much as anybody
That's efficient enough...and George said...
we can always get them to drill more in lessen our dependence on foreign oil

Donald Rumsfeld, he's our man
If he can't do it, no one can
He fights for Defense, like he did for Ford
Spend billions for Star Wars and come back for more
Space is the slap terrorists in the face...
Leave peacekeeping to the peaceniks....there's no money in it!

Christie Whitman saves the day
Over at the EPA
Cleanup credentials, they're all hers
She was governor of the state of New Jersey
She's for the environment...
Wants to save the plants....
Chemical manufacturing plants

The most important woman since Ma Rainey
Is our second lady, Lynne Cheney
She used to head the NEA,
Tried to abolish it, so they say
She's heterosexual....likes women in their place...not in the history books

Well, Dubya said he'd be inclusive
While keeping the government from being intrusive
He lost the vote but won the Court
He'll keep us at peace unless there's a war
He's honest...bilingual...won Florida...
He's got the best cabinet since...George Bush

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