I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now

Dave Lippman
Lingua: Inglese

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Original song, 1909
Original words by Will Hough and Frank Adams
Music by Joseph E. Howard and Harold Orlob
{Deep Aplogies!}
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Dave Lippman.
Dave Lippman.
You encouraged those massacres in East Timor
Not as famous as Vietnam true
You have wreaked your affliction on each one in turn
and have sworn each one you didn't do
You were our Svengali, a master by golly
The extent of your crimes no one knew
does it ever occur to you later my boy
that you could be tried, even you?

I wonder who's Kissinger now
How's the old coup-binger now
wonder who's looking out from his eyes
breathing sighs, telling lies
I wonder who's home in his head
Is there remorse for the dead
wonder if he still thinks he'll go free

If you want to feel justice, be given your due
just imagine yourself sharply dressed
In the docket of some War Crimes Tribunal hearing
from the people you cruelly suppressed
Oh the time slips away and your crimes in Chile
flit away with a sword and a tear
So though you can tell where is Kissinger now
You might be in jail this time next year


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