Randy Newman
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Album: Dark Matter

JFK and Robert Kennedy

1961. John F. Kennedy e il fratello minore Bobby sono alla Casa Bianca. E JFK spiega al fratellino la sua fantastica idea di invadere Cuba con una spedizione alla Baia dei Porci. Ma perché? Perché l'Unione Sovietica potrebbe installare dei missili a Cuba? Per salvare l'isola dal comunismo? Ma no! Per prendersi Celia Cruz e portarla negli Stati Uniti!
Hey, Bobby
Why are you standing in the shadows?
Come over by the fire
I want to have a drink with you

This is our house now
So let's act like we belong here
Considering some of those who've lived here
Maybe we do

I got some Michter's Irish whiskey
From Mr. George Preston Marshall
The man who's owned the Redskins
Since the days of old
And he runs them like a plantation
Like a plantation, Jack?
Like a plantation, Bob
For never has a black man
Worn the burgundy and gold
Does he know it's the capital of the country, Jack?
Does he know that it's 1961?
Does he know that the Redskins
Need a halfback, Bobby Boy
Who can run?

There's a man to see you in the office, Jack
Bob, I'm going home, I've had a rotten day
You are home, Jack
Well, I still don't want to see him
I think you should see him anyway
It's about Cuba, Jack
The Russians are pouring in
And it's 90 miles away

This man has a plan to overthrow the government there
With a very small expeditionary force
They'll land on the beaches in the dead of night
So no one will be at the beach
Right, Bob?
That's right, Jack

The people will join them
They'll march on Havana
And our planes will fly support
Ah but they won't, Bob
We'll have nothing to do with this
But wait
Wait a minute, Bobby Boy

There's a woman there in Cuba
Whom I love
Oh no, Jack
Not in a bad way, but a good way
Do you know any Cuban music, Bob?
Does I Love Lucy count?
Of course it does
But the one whom I love is
Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz, Celia Cruz
The greatest singer in the world today
If she's there and wants to get away
Then bring her here to the USA

I'll see the man with the plan
And I'll be the first to shake him by the hand
And I'll be the first to give him the news
We're gonna save Celia Cruz
Celia Cruz, Celia Cruz
Celia Cruz, Celia Cruz
Sing along, Bobby
Celia Cruz, Celia Cruz

Sing harmony, Bob
I always sing harmony, Jack
I know you do

I'm excited Bob
It's just like the Rough Riders
You excited?
Dad was right about you, Bobby
Big office, isn't it, Bobby?

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