White People and the Damage Done

Jello Biafra
Lingua: Inglese

White people and the damage done
Wild West still going on
Genocide, plunder, and disease
Just scratching fleas

No, no, no
It don't need to be so
Put down the guns and greed
Let people live and learn

We'd all be more secure
If the rest of the world
Ain't treated like slaves
So we can buy cheap things


White people and the damage done
We built Mujahedin in Afghanistan
To trick the Russians who hadn't yet invaded
Look what happened

No, no, no
We should have left them alone
Great game at the time
But look what we let loose

There'd be no 9-11
If we never gave money and guns
To jihad nuts we can't control
Or understand


Hatched from the best schools
Bred from the best blood
Experts who best know
What's best for you
Without asking you

Fall of Rome
Wasn't built in a day
This how it got that way
When everything the experts touch
Turns into the Titanic

Iraqaterring, Pinochet
Oil disasters every day
Crops you grew for centuries
Now patented Monsanto seeds

Pacify and civilize
Means fences, toxic waste, and mines
The Ark of the Lost Raiders
Fukushimas every time

Where do we go from here?
Where we're called Great Satan, I fear
Iran was a democracy in the '50s
Can't have that, can we?

No, no, no
It always goes so wrong
Don't put the Shah back in
Where'd we be today?

They could have been our friends
Instead they want us dead
Would they want nukes
If Israel gave up theirs?

White people
And the damage done

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