The Streets of Derry

Shirley Collins
Lingua: Inglese

Un’Irish Rebel Song di autore anonimo, forse risalente alla ribellione del 1798.
La canzone è certamente connessa con “The Maid Freed from the Gallows”, “Gallows Pole”, “The Prickly Bush” e tutto quel ricco filone delle “ballate del patibolo”

The Sweet Primeroses

Shirley Collins la interpreta a partire dal suo album del 1967 intitolato “The Sweet Primeroses”
Molti altri artisti l’hanno fatta loro e nelle numerose versioni assume anche i titoli alternativi di “Derry Gaol” e “Hail a Brighter Day” (English Folk Music)
Now after morning there comes an evening
And after the evening another day.
And after false love there comes a true love;
I'll have you listen now to what I say.

My love he is as fine a young man
As fair as any the sun shone on.
But how to save him I do not know it,
For now he's got a sentence to be hung.

As he was a-marching through the streets of Derry,
I'm sure he marched up right manfully,
Being much more like a commanding officer
Than a man to die upon a gallows tree.

“What keeps my love, she's so long a-coming?
Oh, what detains her so long from me?
Or does the think it's a shame or scandal
To see me die on the gallows tree?”

He looked around and he saw her coming,
As she rode swifter than the wind.
“I let them see that they dare not hang you,
And I'll crown my love with a bunch of green.”

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