Talking Vietnam Blues

Julius Lester
Lingua: Inglese

I guess you all heard about the Vietcong
Who sneak around in Vietnam
Sneak upon Americans in the dead of night

And even if it. is war, sneaking ain‘t

The Secretary of Defense was mad.
Sneak attack...What'd he expect...
Engraved annmmcements?

Well, the President sent planes to North

Told 'em ”Go up there and drop some bombs
We aren‘t. spreading the war, just
Everybody knows we're a peace-loving
The more peace the better...Peace for
every man...Piece of an arm. ”Piece
of a leg...Six feet a piece....for'

Well, the President felt mighty good

Took care of 'em like I "knew we could."

Secretary of Defense flashed a mighty

big grin

When in came the news. They'd done it
Blew up something else...Sneak attack..
Sneaked by twenty-five guards , three
30 foot barbed wire fences, 1. machine
gun nests, 72 land mines, é amored
tanks, 9 helicopters flying 3 feet a-
bove the ground, an 8-foot wide trench

filled with distilled nuclear fall-out
and a picture of Hubert Humphrey, smi-
ling...Sneaked by in broad daylight...
With two truckloads of dynamite. . .It
was our dynamite, too.

Ehe President did the same old thing

Sent the planes back again.

President said ‘M’e don't want war."

But didn't say why we're fighting so hard.-~
He was right, though. Hg don't want
war. I just wonder about him.

The President decided to talk to like

Just to see if Ike thought he was doing
all right.

01‘ Ike cane, spent two hours listening

And when he left, he sure was grinning.
Mighty glad he wasn‘t president“
What a mess...Well, Ike said, Don't do
anything. . .Vietnam juSt might go away
on the third green.
And as if things weren't already shaky
Russians attacked the American Embassy,
Indonesians burned down an American
And some Negroes wanted to blow up the
Statue of Liberty.
What's going on, sornebody'x’...Anti-
intellectual Indonesians. . .Vieteong
Negroes. ”Well, thank God for nigger
stool pigeons.
Democrats in Congress not saying much
But Republicans go to the White House
for lunch
I'm not dumb, I'll tell you the truth
But everyday I get more confused.
Johnson has a southern accent...Glad
of that...otherwise I’d swear Gold
water'd been- elected. a
I guess I just don‘t understand
How to]; be peaceful and shoot a man.
The PreSident said, "We'll fight to the
Mr.‘ President, speak for yourself.
I Wish he'd stop saying 'We‘. If he
wants to fight, let'in go ahead.
Fight on, Lyndon£ Go get'em, Lady-
Bird: Bombs away, Luci: Go ahead
and preserve democracy...I'm still
looking for it.

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