Assaalam Aleykum (Peace Be Upon You)

Daria A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou
Lingue: Arabo, Inglese

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From an Interview with DARIA about the song, "Assalam Aleykum"

While teaching in the Middle East, I had a candid discussion with a group of Arabic women who were hosting my visit. In the conversation they shared a variety of very ugly statements made directly to them that showed how extreme prejudice was part of their everyday life. Hearing these statements, crystallized my sense that – as musicians and educators - we must work harder in every culture and every location for children who understand the value and dignity of all peoples. Prejudice and intolerance are not natural but are taught and; as educators, we can expose our children to world cultures in a way that creates little global citizens and a world of greater dignity and peace."
Assalam Aleykum,
Aleykum Assalam
Peace Be Upon You
And Upon You Peace

May Your Joys Be Many
May Your Sorrows Cease

inviata da Daria - 6/9/2016 - 01:09

krzyś - 6/9/2016 - 10:46

Lingua: Finlandese

Traduzione / Translation / Traduction / Suomennos: Juha Rämö

Salam aleikum,
aleikum salam.
Rauha olkoon kanssasi,
rauha myös sinun kanssasi.

Olkoot ilosi runsaat
ja surusi pois pyyhityt.

inviata da Juha Rämö - 7/9/2016 - 11:17

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