Let's Hear It for the Politicians

Tony Smith
Lingua: Inglese

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Let’s hear it (for the politicians)
Tony Smith 2015
When relations with our neighbours are really tense
We put barbed wire on top of the fence
We lay it on the line and don’t muck around
We make a friend an enemy and won’t back down
Using diplomacy’s a boring thing to do
There is no excitement and headlines are few
Why compromise when we know best
We rant and rave and beat our chest

We send out the Diggers, despatch the boats
Conscript your Granny if it brings us votes
We are the boys who start all the wars
Let’s hear it for the politicians

When Britain wanted helping in nineteen fifteen
We sent cannon fodder to Gallipoli
We waved them off and wished them safe back
But knew they’d die ‘neath the Union Jack
You know we will follow Uncle Sam
Wherever he goes we don’t give a damn
Our great allies we’ll always oblige
The diggers just go and never ask why


What arms dealers want we can’t refuse
The bellicose option we always choose
They make good profits and that’s no sin
And to party coffers they always give
We’ll pin medals on any old chest
You earn a reward surviving our mess
We love holding marches and waving the flag
The best polls show we’ve a right to brag


We look very fine sitting on a tank
It’s not just a public relations wank
We have to pretend we’re warrior class
That we do more than sitting on our ass
A khaki election is the best fun
We castigate critics and make them run
No-one can doubt the national cause
Opposition’s a casualty in any war


inviata da Tony Smith - 31/3/2016 - 23:16

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