I Am the Earth

Goose Creek Symphony
Lingua: Inglese

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Nel doppio album intitolato “The Goose Is Loose”

The Goose Is Loose
I am the Earth alone in space
I am the home of the human race.
I am alive oh can’t you see
That you’ve got to learn to treat me tenderly.
I am the mother of you all.
I watched you grow from something small.
I fed you well.
I’ve loved you true.
At one time we were one me and you.
But now the halo ‘round my head
has turned from pure to something red.
My seas are filling up with waste.
And now you are trying to give me your own face.
This can’t go on this way for long.
For you are weak but I am strong.
And now you’ve broke my only law.
I wonder what will happen to you all.

I am the Earth, I stand alone.
The universe I call my home.
I’m just one spark in God’s great hall.
Where all is one and one is all.

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